Meet The Team
CEO Group
Stefanus Widananta
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CFO Group
Adi Winarti
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A trained medical doctor, Dr. Widananta has been working in the medical care industry since 1990 beginning his career as a product specialist, product manager and business unit manager at Becton Dickinson, marketing director at Glaxowellcome, and country lead at Siemens Indonesia Healthcare Unit.

With a Bachelor of Arts, English Literature degree, Mrs. Winarti has a solid financial background with Bank Bali Semarang and Bank Mashill Semarang.

Managing Partner
Vincentius Lianto
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Mr. Lianto has spent over 20 years in the professional medical industry since graduating with a business degree in 1986. The well recognized health and medical professional leads the D&V Group of companies comprised of medical and logistics and…