Steven Lee ST
General Manager PT Siemens Indonesia, Jakarta

Since PT Siemens Indonesia established a partnership with DV Medika, Siemens Medical Products distribution, particularly Bali, NTB, and Eastern Indonesia, has developed very rapidly. The Siemens Medical Products have not only become well known, but also requested by the users and the decision makers. This achievement is not easy to reach. With a very hard effort in the last few years with full of consistency, DV Medika has imparted belief in our products to its customers.

Dr. I Nyoman Sutedja, MPH
Head of Planning and Finance Department of Health Province of Bali, Bali

DV Medika is a company with a superior reputation able to provide true participation as one of the pillars of the Indonesian medical industry, particularly in Bali.

I Nengah Budi Arjana
Secretary of Gakeslab Bali Regional, Bali

I know that DV Medika is not the first medical equipments distributor in Bali, but it has good reputation and clear vision for the development of medical world in Bali. Some of its suggestion and efforts provide inspirations and motivation for us to be able to provide the best service to all hospitals.  As the Gakeslab work partner, DV Medika is able to empower local entrepreneurs.

Dr. I Gusti Lanang M Rudiartha, MHA
Managing Director Of Sanglah Central Public Hospital, Bali

I find that DV Medika is a distributor of medical equipments that has a very good reputation. With its friendly, responsible, and professional service, DV Medika is a reliable work partner that can fulfill our needs.

Dr. Sudhana Satrigraha
Director of Wangaya Hospital, Denpasar

A very special thing that I feel differently about DV Medika is that DV Medika is able to place its position as a working partner. It does not only do the business and finish it, but it always keeps trying to give solution and fresh ideas for the betterment of our company. In fact, it is proven that all of the medical equipments that are supplied by DV Medika work well up to the present time. Not only Dv Medika is willing to repair its supplied equipments when it is needed, but also willing to repair the other equipments that are supplied by other companies.