Latera Acute

Advanced AC powered hospital bed with additional function designed to reduce the load of caregiver and also to minimize the potential of long term injuries to the patient.

Available in E-Catalogue
Kemenkes RI AKL 20902311136

Latera acute is a hospital bed with the addition of a tilting function which enable the bed to be tilted up to 15º in order to ease caregiver procedure and reduce their workload, minimizing risk of injuries. In addition, tilting function also enable the pressure on the patient to be redistributed on both side of the body, reducing the risk of pressure ulcer.

External Dimensions : 2240 x 980 mm
Bed Extension : 8 cm / 17cm
Mattress Platform : 2000 x 860 mm
Height Adjustment : 43 – 81 cm
Safe Working Load : 200 Kg