PI-308 CLS

PI-308 CLS is a three crank manual hospital bed, with rigid construction and sophisticated finishing. Equipped with a cutting-edge feature such as a hip sink, for ergonomic and patient comfort.

Kemenkes RI AKD 10902310059
Equipped with cutting edge feature such as hip sink which allowed regression of the hip platform for up to 10°, for ergonomic and patient comfort. The purchase of this bed come with adjustable dining board, 4 hook IV Stands and urine hanger. This bed can hold up to 260 Kg and back-rest can fold upward up-to 75° while the thigh rest up to 45° with adjustable height. This version also equipped with central lock system and double wheeled castor.

Overall length: 2150 mm

Overall wide   : 985 mm

Bed frame size: 2000 X 900 mm

Sleeping surface adjustable height 500-710 mm

Material :
1. 1.5 mm cold-rolled steel plate finishing with powder coating, antibacterial and antirust.
2. removable head board and foot board made form high quality abs plastic

Torque release crank to protect crank shaft from over winding