Scientific U Series - U62

Strong, safe and stable designed for U6 suspension. LCH suspension structure prevents the installation of the lamp being limited by the height of ceiling. The surgical lamp can be installed perfectly even with the height 235cm. Optimizing maneuverability, geometry and kinetics designed of suspension, easy to perfectly balance the light heads to prevent unstable movement after long time operation.

Available in E-Catalogue
Kemenkes RI AKL 21603703259
Each surgical light is equipped with dual control system. IR remote controller and control panel on the cupola are both controllable at ehe same time. The IR remote controller can be applied as main control system, when it failure or run out of battery (replaceable), control panel on the cupola can be used as backup control system.
Cupola Diameter : 620mm
Light Field Diameter : 12-26cm
Focus Range : 60-180cm
Focus Depth : 70 cm
Illumination Depth: 120 cm
Color Rendering Index (Ra) : 94 +- 2
Color Temperature : 4300oK/3800oK
Load (each lamp) : Max 200W