Tony Sirad
President Director of PT Karindo Alkestron, Jakarta

We have had a long and fruitful business partnership with DV Medika. From time to time there has been very significant development both in items quantity and in business volume. We believe that this is achieved because of DV Medika’s good reputation to its loyal customers.

Dr. Hanna Permana, MARS
Hospital Management Consultant, Jakarta

I am amazed and feel proud that there is a professional local company that has a global network with global managerial ability in Bali. It is not surprising if DV Medika develops very rapidly and confidently in a very relatively quick time. It is expected that this company will become a steadfast work partner in the world of hospitalization in Indonesia.

Dra. Ni Made Agustinawati, Apt
Branch Manager of PT. Indo Farma Global Medika, Denpasar

Finding a skillful work partner is not easy; however, since we established a work partnership with DV Medika, we have been convinced that finding a skilful work partner is possible.  DV Medika can place its position as a responsible work partner and cares about having a good reputation in doing business. The team work is really cohesive and excellent. The products that they supplied are quality products. Thus, the company has a high “competitive advantage”.

Dr. Hasbi Santosa, M.Kes
Director of Dr. Soedjono Hospital, Selong

I have known DV Medika for a long while and always appreciate the company’s professional approach --- no surprise they are growing as rapidly as they are.

Dr. Ni Ketut Setiawati
Head Department of Medical Support Badung Hospital, Bali

DV Medika team is able to provide suggestions and advice for qualified and appropriate medical equipments. All of the medical equipments that are managed and supplied by DV Medika have been proven to increase our work performance.