Dr. Imelda E. Dharma, MARS
Director of Royal Taruma Hospital, Jakarta

DV Medika is one of the biggest medical equipment suppliers for our hospital, Royal Taruma. We really like the fact that the company is quick to provide a response to our questions with the best solutions. The marketing team of DV Medika truly care about our needs and are extremely flexibile. The company considers us a valued customer and has provided us a most positive impression.

Drs. Mahendra Budi, MM
Commissioner of Dharma Husada Hospital, Denpasar

Praise can sometimes have different meanings, however my trust and confidence in DV Medika is worthy of true praise. DV Medika didn’t make only a business deal with us by selling their product, the company provides suggestions and advice that we need well beyond the sale, and really like our consultant, a relationship of respect we find excellent.