Putu Surya Jaya
The Main Stake Holder of Pun Bunda Maternity Hospital and Nikki Group, Denpasar

When we planned to build Pun Bunda Hospital a few years ago, we first contacted DV Medika. At first I didn’t understand anything about medical equipment. However, the team from DV Medika professionally accompanied us in providing advice that we needed. This ensures us that DV Medika is our right partner. Nearly 100% of our medical equipment in Pun Bunda Hospital are supplied by DV Medika. The company has proven that its service is above our expectations. Thus, when I built Nikki Medika, I fully entrusted all of the medical equipment be procured by the company.

Dr. Januardana, MM
Director of Development Project of Surya Husadha Hospital, Denpasar

Since our partnership began with DV Medika, we have appreciated the professional advice given by the company for their excellent range of medical equipment and such modernization has increased the image of our hospital. DV Medika is also able to prove itself as a reliable partner. In fact, DV Medika is not just a work partner, the company has become a part of a larger family of Surya Husada Hospital.

Dr. Ratih Kumala Dewi, MMR
President Director Surya Husadha Hospital, Denpasar

In 2004, in order to modernize our hospital medical equipment, we were introduced to DV Medika. Since our first meeting, we could feel a very professional approach. As our chosen partner, DV Medika was able to provide appropriate solutions for our needs. The products that are supplied are proven for their quality and supported by experienced and quick-to-respond technical services. We feel very satisfied in having a partnership with DV Medika.