1. What warranties can I expect with your hospital beds?

For the Platinum Inspiration & Linet hospital beds, D&V Medika provides a three-year warranty; which means during that period, we are responsible for any unintentional damage (excluding spare parts).


  1. How do I get information & pricelists for your products?

For more information about our products, you may contact us through email [email protected], or phone +62 21 222 35868


  1. Are your products stocked and ready for expedient shipment to our hospital?

For local products, the shipment is typically quicker; for imported products, shipment is usually the same amount of time if the product is in our warehouse.


  1. Are your products available on E-Katalog?

Yes, most of our products are available on E-Katalog.


  1. What type of medical equipment do you provide?

Our main line is the manufacturing and distribution of hospital beds, but we also specialize in operating room equipment, sterilization equipment, and radiology equipment. For product list details, click the link to our product page.

Customer Service
To ensure satisfaction at all times, our customer service team provides comprehensive service and support. DV Medika’s priority is to resolve issues as quickly as possible when a request for assistance is received. With our experienced engineers, our team can provide quality assistance, guidance, and advice to embody our aim in developing a close and continuous relationship with customers through constant communication. Quality service and support are the key reasons for DV Medika’s ongoing success in today’s demanding health care and medical industries.

A period of warranty is naturally offered as a standard for all systems and equipment that we sell. Extended warranty agreements are available upon request.

Technical Support
Our technical service and support team address questions that include installation, operation, and maintenance of hardware and software updates, as well as troubleshooting procedures and general system issues. You can also download technical documents online.

First check the FAQ for answers to your questions and if you cannot find the answer or still have questions, please fill in a service form. You will need your product series number for the form, and then send the form to our Technical Service and Support Team. A specialist will contact you to provide assistance.

Other Services
Customer Service and Sales Support can assist you with product selection, product customizations, order management, shipping logistics and warranty status. Please contact us for support 24 hours a day.