Meet The Team
Founder & Executive Chairman
Vincentius Lianto
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Chief Executive Officer
Steven Lee
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Since graduating with a business degree in 1986, Mr. Lianto has spent over 20 years in the professional medical industry. His vision and ideas has led D&V Medika from small CV in Bali to a nation-wide medical equipment provider with several headquarters, warehouses and manufacturing facility throughout Indonesia with multiple collaboration with internationally known healthcare providers.

Mr. Steven Lee has around 20 years of experience in medical industry. Starting his career in one of the German brand Medical Equipment company, Mr. Steven Lee now equips experiences both Indonesia medical equipment industry as well as abroad. 

Imaging Division Lead
Frans Okta
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CCORO (Critical Care, Operating Room & Others) Division Lead
Jefry Sukwanto
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Experienced Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Strong sales professional skilled in Vascular, X-ray, Medical Devices, Healthcare Industry, and Sales Operations. 

Mr. Jefry takes leap from Senior Manager in National Food Company to Medical Industry. Employing his high communication and desires for challenge, Mr. Jefry proves to be a leading manager in Critical Care and OR Industry.