Dr. Albert Hendarta, MD, MPH
Chairman HCM Excellent Hospital Management Consultant, Bandung

I knew DV Medika for the first time when the team approached me about their concepts and opinions in realizing a “Public Health Center” model in Bali. Since then, as a counselor, I have seen that DV Medika also has responsibility and high social concern as a business. One thing that amazes me and that I think is the key of DV Medika success is the strong solidity in running the business. They are extensive in managing relationships, sincere in helping, able to put the employees’ position as an asset, hence supports from employees in developing the company are also sincere. This is an extraordinary human resource potential.

M. Azan Khairani
Director of PT. Azkha Graha Mandiri, Denpasar

As an entrepreneur who has become a work partner of DV Medika; we are really thankful for the involvement of DV Medika in terms of empowering local entrepreneurs particularly in Bali. DV Medika, which has mutual profitable business principles and responsibilities with us, always provides the best service to its customers firmly.  This has become a part of the company culture. This company culture really motivates me as an entrepreneur to keep trying to develop my self-ability in providing maximum service to our customers.

I Wayan Asyawan, MBA
Head of Gakeslab Bali Regional, Bali

As far as I know, DV Medika is an innovative enterprise. It has a high work performance and responsibility. In addition, it has a very good relationship to its customers. Thus, it deserves to develop faster than other similar companies. In the future, I hope that DV Medika can collaborate with Bali’s Gakeslab members to become an advance company in providing health equipments for public.

Dr. Patra Jaya M. Kes
Director of Tabanan Regional Hospital, Bali

I have known DV Medika since the office of our previous director. DV Medika is known as a professional company with good reputation.

Prof. Dr. lB. Manuaba, Sp.OG
The Owner of Manuaba Hospital, Denpasar

I was really impressed with the special service given by DV Medika, it’s no matter whether we buy the products or not, but patiently and professionally they give us useful ideas, and the most important thing is that DV Medika always keeps and proves its promise and efforts to give their best service.